Successful Holiday Help

When 100 People Project heard that there were families impacted by COVID that may have to miss out on Christmas cheer, we simply could not allow it. With the help of our supporters and our sponsor Mike Linder with Silver Lining Inflight Catering, we were able to fulfill the Christmas Wishlists of 5 families.

Now, full transparency, when the lists came in we were taken back. One mom asked for a mattress because she had been sleeping on an air mattress. Not only did we get her a mattress but an entire bed, mattress, bedding and some new comfy pajamas to sleep in. Electronics were also high on the list and we were able to provide each family with a tablet. We ran through the stores on the hunt for elusive gifts like Doc McStuffins and we slowly but surely crossed almost every single item off the wish lists.

It’s because of the kindness of all of you that we are able to do this. So please enjoy this video knowing that those of you who donated made some children (and their deserving moms because we got their wishes fulfilled too) VERY happy on Christmas Day! ❤️

A very special thank you to Ashley Contreras who captures the magic so you get to come along!

*we do not own the rights to this music*