Who we are

100 People Project is a non-profit co-founded by a pair of lifetime best friends with the mission of helping as many people as possible.

We believe in strength in numbers and the beauty of what can happen when strangers are kind to one another. We hope that if we demonstrate how powerful paying it forward can be that we will start a chain reaction of kindness big enough to change lives.

Our focus is single parents, under privileged children and the homeless with hopes to expand in the future.

Our charitable work is demonstrated through giveaways or events with a specific focus each month. For example, in the summer time we host a Back to School event in which parents and teachers can come enjoy a day of fun while also grabbing the school supplies necessary for their children to be successful. Giveaways ask for submissions to nominate worthy individuals who could use a little help.

Our primary goal is to spread as much kindness and inspire as much giving as possible and this is where we ask for the help of people who want to do more but don’t know where to start. We have seen in just two short years how powerful our community can be and just how much of an impact we can make on others.