Holiday Help

The plan was for us to sponsor 1 family for Christmas. Once the nominations started rolling in, 1 very quickly turned to 5+. We have started to collected wish lists from our families and have made the process of sponsoring a child for Christmas very simple. We know that many in person toy drives or Angel trees are not happening this year. We’ve set it up to where you can make a child’s Christmas special from the comfort and safety of your own home!

The link is below:…

If you feel more comfortable making a monetary donation for us to use for whatever is not purchased from these lists our GoFundMe is available for that.…/campaign/100-people-project

The list has items in various different price points. Some items will truly be a wish come true for the children and others are basic needs like a mattress for a mom who currently doesn’t have one.

Thank you in advance for any donations or purchases. Together we can make sure the Christmas magic isn’t lost for these deserving children❤️