Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 21st. we had the honor of serving our community. We were able to successfully help 500 families at our Thanksgiving Food Pantry.

To say thank you doesn’t feel like enough. Because of those of you who choose to pay it forward, 500 families will get to gather around a table and give thanks for a meal they may have not been able to have otherwise. That is the most incredible blessing.

We would have never been able to pull this off without the generosity from our sponsors UKG – Ultimate Kronos GroupMJ Taxes and More and Big Leagues who provided all of the turkeys for this event. Another huge thank you to Premier Produce who donated a refrigerated truck and a driver/volunteer and of course to our home base Florida Career College who lets us use their space for all of our events in their continuous commitment to the community.

Coming from two women who thought that 100 people a year was realistic, you all continue to push us harder each and every day. 500 families in a day is the new record to beat. We are going to keep pushing until we make a global impact. You have our word on that! ❤️