Lunch Debt Initiative 2020

Did you know that when a child has no money to pay for lunch they are sometimes sent away with only a cheese sandwich or no food at all? Did you also know that sometimes the school does not alert the parent right away or even worse, some parents do not have the money to eliminate the debt?

To us this is unimaginable but for some children, it’s a reality.

Our goal for February is to eliminate as much lunch debt as possible for Title 1 schools in Broward County. NO CHILD should have to sit through classes with no nourishment to learn. Title 1 schools are schools where the majority of children are on free or reduced lunch. For some children the meals at school are the only meals they get. It takes a village and we want to be the village for these children.

You can reach our Go Fund Me page by clicking on the orange “Donate” button on top of this page to donate ❤️ #100peopleproject