Successful Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day we thought it would be awesome if we could pay a bill for a single mom and get them a little gift.

After posting about it, My Tiny Cake Shop Co. reached out immediately and wanted to donate cupcake boxes and a bottle of wine. Another mom reached out and wanted to send flowers to the winner. The love was pouring in from everywhere.

When we read the nominations and tried to pick one mom…it was impossible. The nominations written moved us because we were reading about real life superheroes. Women who make magic and who carry burdens we can’t imagine and do it with smiles and with grace. They were so inspiring to us that we chose 4 moms. 4 of the most badass, amazing, resilient women that we got the pleasure to meet and bless.

Tonight during a drop off, we surprised a mom who had no idea and she told us that this came from God.

I’ll never get tired of saying thank you to those of you who make it possible for us to do God’s work.

A special shout to @joel_castellanos24 who made it possible for us to choose 4 moms instead of one. Your constant support has helped us move mountains for people and we appreciate you.