Mega Tip March Pt. 1+2

When we started the Mega Tip March initiative, we really wanted to make sure the tips went to mom and pop restaurant servers because we know how hard most of them have been hit by the pandemic. We asked for suggestions online, threw all those suggestions into a hat and randomly selected names. Here are the first two names that were drawn.

Dos Amigos in Pompano

The first name drawn was Dos Amigos – a super cute family owned Mexican restaurant in Pompano. From the time our chips and salsa and drinks came, we knew we were in for a treat! The food was absolutely DELICIOUS.

The real treat however, came when we paid the bill. Because of YOU guys we were able to leave Chris a $425 tip. As you can see, he was shocked and in disbelief. He just kept asking “why?” For us it’s “why not?!”. He thanked us so many times. He thanked YOU so many times.

We removed part of the video out of respect to Chris but he did share with us that the pandemic hit him hard. This goes to show you that with a little kindness and strength in numbers you can leave a positive impact that people will remember forever.

Remember to be kind. Show love. Show up for people. It matters. It’s truly the only thing that matters these days. ❤️

Chopsticks in Coral Springs

For the second tip of Mega Tip March we felt it was only right to go to Chopsticks in Coral Springs to see our favorite server.

The food is always great and as many of you know – Asian restaurants got hit the hardest throughout this pandemic. Many of them went out of business and others suffered through ignorance from the public.

To be able to pay it forward to someone as wonderful as Sasa is truly the best part of what we do.

Thank you again to all of you who donated and helped make this initiative such a heart warming success! ❤️