The Harder Path

“Providing the specific needs of requested items is very special.”

We know that many organizations take a one size fits all approach when it comes to helping. We know that often times, we make things harder for ourselves by wanting to make sure that the children being helped get to feel special and like what we provide is especially for them. We will choose the harder path every single time (sorry to those in our close circle that have to deal with our choices and run around like crazy people to help us meet our goals).

We know it’s easier to deliver what we can and to be done with it. We also know it’s more impactful to let these families and children know that they are special, valued and loved. It’s more impactful to let them know that they can get what they want too even if that means more work for us.

So every single time – we will take the harder path because of letters like this. ❤️

Thank YOU for making this possible.