“How it started” vs “How it’s going”

Our very own “How it started” vs “How it’s going”.

We got started after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. We wanted to help so we started a GoFundMe, loaded a van full of essentials and drove straight through from South Florida to Houston, Texas. This trip changed us. It sparked something inside of us that let us know this is what we need to do.

We started funding giveaways out of pocket. That’s the first photo. We found a single mom who needed so help and sent her money for groceries. We weren’t even a non profit at this time. We were just two young women trying to do some good.

Fast forward to 2020 and we are now a 501(c) non profit organization helping hundreds of people every year. We have programs in place, annual events and even corporate sponsorships.

We are only getting started. Join us as we continue our journey to spread kindness across our community, the country and then the world.

If you are able please consider donating to help us continue to do good. Our GoFundMe lists each of our initiatives so that you know where your money will be going. No donation is too big or too small!

Please spread the word ❤️