2020 Recap/Upcoming

One of our main goals is to make sure our donors know exactly where their money goes. Here is a little recap of this year as well as what you can expect to see from us in the near future.

2020 has been quite unexpected to say the least. It has caused us to shift our focus to be sure that we are helping the people who need us the most. We stepped into new territory by feeding healthcare workers and even getting hands on to help Colors of Hope, ran by Carolina, make masks for healthcare workers. We worked hard to identify needs and bring solutions in new ways. We started delivering groceries to parents who lost work or relied on free/reduced lunch at school to feed their children. We provided summer child care financial assistance. We held our annual Back to School event in a brand new way and helped more students and teachers than ever!

The year is not over and we are continuing to brainstorm new and impactful ways to help our community. Please be on the look out for our new programs.

We are looking to launch a Food Pantry that will allow families to come grab food boxes through the pandemic.

We are also looking to launch a youth mentorship program where young men growing up without a father in the home will be exposed to positive male role models while learning life skills like shaking hands, how to tie a tie and changing a tire. This will be an ongoing program to encourage healthy male relationships and communication.

Christmas as always will be a special time where we will provide gifts to children who need a little extra love from Santa.

We look forward to continuing to grow and continuing to bring you along every step of the way!