Update on our COVID19 Initiatives

Grocery Relief – To date we have been able to assist 6 families (one family twice) with groceries. We send items in bulk to aim for the groceries lasting about two weeks.

Masks for Healthcare Heroes – We have sponsored, traced, cut and delivered material for 170 masks. Most of those masks have been completed by Carolina at #ColorsOfHope and are being distributed to nurses around the country

Feeding the Healthcare Heroes – We have sent dinner to 5 different units at 4 different hospitals and have delivered meals for over 110 Healthcare Heroes! We’ve been using different restaurants each time to try and support small business as well.

With your continued support we have been able to touch hundreds of lives during these unprecedented times. We have been able to remain a source of support for not only our community but Healthcare Heroes around the country.

Thank you so much for believing in us, for sharing our posts and for your monetary donations. We will continue with these initiatives for as long as we are able ❤️ Stay healthy and safe 100 People Project family.