Masks for Healthcare Professionals – Update 2

We are so excited that our first batch of sponsored masks is almost complete & has already been going out to those on the frontlines & those who are immune compromised. We also drove up to Orlando yesterday to drop off 105 more masks to be completed.

We are so honored to be part of what our good friend @carolina1124 has created with #colorsofhope ! She currently has about 364 masks to sew on top of the 100 she’s already completed. These masks are being donated to healthcare heroes and other essentials. 💕

These masks have 2 layers (front & back) of 100% cotton fabric and 2 layers inside of fusible interfacing. Fusible interfacing is a non-woven bonded fabric which is breathable, wearable & washable however it helps prevent germs & droplets from getting through unlike the cotton alone. These masks also pass the “flame test” meaning if you are wearing one of these masks you cannot blow out a flame.

Please stay safe and continue to be kind during these trying times. We are stronger together 💕